PIMSIREE02 email: fscicprsu@ku.ac.th or pimsiree.s@ku.ac.th
Education: B.S. (Materials Science and Engineering), Carnegie Mellon University, U.S.A.
Ph.D. (Materials Science and Engineering, University of Virginia, U.S.A
Research interests: 1) Biomaterials
2) Advanced Materials

Sustainable materials are materials with a relatively positive impact on communities and the environment that are used to build products, deliver services and develop environments such as buildings. Ideally, sustainable materials are materials that do not harm people health, have low environmental impact, raise quality of life, produce no waste that cannot be safely consumed by an organism, and are responsibly sourced, economical, efficient, resilient, renewable, reusable and emotionally durable. In practice, it is impossible to achieve all these criteria, but they do give us the direction we should aim.

My main research focus is to develop more sustainable materials and processing techniques including green materials and composites, construction and building materials, and eco-friendly natural rubber products and processing technologies.

Selected Publications

1. Buakhlee, W.; Suwanna P.; Keawwattana, W. Cure characteristic and mechanical properties of silica masterbatch prepared from fresh natural rubber latex mixing, Plast., Rubber Compos., 2020, DOI: 10.1080/14658011.2020.1718322.

2. Jamrern, R.; Singnoy, C.; Suwanna, P.; Somsongkul, V.; Prajitr, A.; Ditwichairut R.; Suwannarat, W.; Sakdivilaiskul S. The effect of a PARA rubber ball training program on the hand and arm strength and the hand-eye coordination of older adults, J Health, 2019, 9(1), 12-18.

3. Buakhlee, W.; Suwanna P.; Keawwattana, W. Improvement of filler-rubber interaction and mechanical properties of silica/NR vulcanizates by using masterbatch processing, Key Eng Mater, 2018, 777, 44-49.

4. Bootchanont, A.; Sutikulsombat, S.; Temprom, L.; Chanlek, N.; Kidkhunthod P.; Suwanna P.; Yimnirun R. Synchrotron X-ray
absorption spectroscopy study of local structure in strontium-doped hydroxyapatite, Ceram Int, 2017, 43, 11203-11027.

5. Temprom, L.; Seet, S.L.; Tippayawat, P.; Suwanna P. Bioactivity, cytotoxicity and antibacterial evaluation of undoped, Zn-doped,
Sr-Doped, and Zn/Sr-codoped hydroxyapatites synthesized by a sol-gel method, Chaing Mai J Sci, 2017, 44, 630-639. research-Pimsiree